2017 Year in Review

December 31, 2017 at 8:16 pm

I guess this year was fairly uneventful. Made some progress I wanted to in previous year but didn't get to everything.

I wanted to remove the intensedebate stuff since litterally this year I had zero comments, which is fine. Not like I really publicize this much. Removing intensedebate will free up a lot of the rules I have set in CSP that I'll be able to remove. Been interesting to see reports come in about blocked content and it's like google fonts and I saw ads a couple times. Also it seems like the pcname generator is being used in applications, which I'm fine with, but it's not just grabbing the url on it's own but inserting other content which then CSP blocks. Just to make sure I tested the api endpoint I have and running curl https://vrillusions.com/pcname/api works as expected. Also want to enable 100% https on all my subdomains of vrillusions.com. Did that on some but others need work.

Over the past year dreamhost has been having some issues with mail. Seems like they're working on it and have made improvements but it's still having issues. Nowadays with everything using email to confirm your identity on new logins or for certain actions having email working is critical. Also the spam filtering setup isn't as good as I hope. So I'm looking at getting a dedicated server to move mail to. Have one already just need to get it setup. May wait till Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes out. I have a couple other domains using google's custom mail stuff from when that was still free but like not having all email hosted at google.

Also I got a notice about the recaptcha I'm using on contact page is going away in 2018. That'll be fun to update since I'm using a plugin for kohana which it itself is an older version I haven't updated. May just update that although not sure what will break from it. Also I think there's an easy way to add the new recaptcha code so may not be a big issue. Just something I have to look in to.

As of November 27, 2017 I have all requests on corralize.net returning "410 Gone". Also that site expires January 4th. I'm renewing it in 2018 but that will be the last time. So likely shortly after Jan 4, 2018 it's going to be picked up by a squatter. If for some reason you want it (not just to show ads) let me know from contact page and I'll transfer it to you for free. All I ask is you don't touch nameservers till Jan 1, 2019.

The HTML only archive of rexforum.com is still a think I need to do. Haven't really looked for any software to do it.

Nothing particularly new with work. Which I guess is both good and bad. Things are getting More Gooder...

USPSA matches have been going well. Finally got my Open division gun mostly working. Still ran in to some issues so didn't get to go out and shoot open matches too often. Hopefully will be doing more of that next year.

Still going to gym, still not losing as much weight as I want but I seem to feel in better shape so not a complete waste of time.

You can find me on twitter and still doing stuff on GitHub

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