A lot of these files are outdated or for really old games. They still get a lot of traffic so I am going to keep hosting them for now.


MP3 Server Status for PHP. This is a simple script I made that checks to see if a MP3 station is online or not. There is both a standalone and function version included. This was tested on PHP3 so I can't say how compatible it is with PHP4+.

Quake 1 and 2

Quake 1.06 Patch. This is the final patch for quake 1.

Autoexec 2.0. This is an autoexec file for Quake. No more typing that exec thing all the time. Quake already tries to find this.

Name Fun. This is the file I got from Demonstar. It lets you add color to your names in Quake when playing deathmatch (Though your name will still appear in color in Single Player mode, there really isn't a need for it). You can also use the special characters to make banners (ie. hi, wow, etc.).

Name Fun 2. I got this one from Toby Reed. The only difference between this one and the above one is that he included a picture of all the characters so you don't have to go to Quake to see what you want.


These are zipped text files that can be imported into most PDAs, including the REX 6000 MicroPDA.

Vitamins. It lists the vitamins and their benefits.

Resignation as an Adult. An inspirational email I got a long time ago that I really enjoyed.

Making Cat-5 Patch cables. This is a little how-to on making your own patch cables.