The Site was started quite a while ago as a test bed for when I was learning web programming. I now use it as my primary domain for pretty much everything.

The Author

I currently reside near Cleveland, Ohio. I work as a programmer and network administrator for a technology company that provides stored value card services. Interests include photography, computers, games, and anime.

Technology and Accessibility

This site adheres to the latest standards and "best practices" of web page design. All formatting is done through style sheets. All pages validates to standard XHTML. The layout has been made as fluid as possible. Width is restricted to make things easier to read. Sizes use relative units allowing content to be resized if needed. The recommended requirements are 1024x768 resolution at 32 bit color. Primarily designed to be used with Firefox. Limited testing has been done with Internet Explorer and other browsers.

Kohana is used on the backend to power the site and to keep things tidy and uniform behind the scenes. New pages and sections can be created with little effort in an MVC architecture which allows for the separation of content from design. Git is used to track changes made. At any time changes can be revert to a previous revision.

Performance is always a concern. Why go to a site if it takes forever to load? Aside from being hosted in a professional datacenter with ample amounts of bandwidth, several optimizations have been made to ensure the fastest experience possible. Caching is used where appropriate. This server uses XCache which speeds up the processing of php scripts considerably.

Where to find me

I can be found most anywhere with the screen name vrillusions and I general play online games as otagi. The following is an ever-growing list of community-oriented sites that I am a part of. Listed in no particular order. You can also contact me via this website as well.

  • twitter - short, frequent posts of what I'm up to during the day
  • friend feed - an aggregation of several other sites I post to
  • ClaimID - lists several sites I operate as well as verified OpenIDs
  • facebook - not very active on it but available for people that want to contact me there.