2016 Year in Review

January 1, 2017 at 4:27 am

Good news is I didn't have many goals set in my 2015 Year in Review so not much that I didn't do. I did still want to post more here, but that's still holding on rewriting the site, which I haven't started yet. Still trying to decide on framework to use. Still weighing differences with django and flask.

In other site news you'll see that now it's https. Dreamhost had one click integration with Let's Encrypt and those are domain validate certs that anyone can get. The whole process is automated so it's completely free. Not like I'm doing anything that requires it but it doesn't cost anything. I've also turned setup HTTP Strict Transport Security and setup Content Security Policy. This is basically as secure as I can make it. Setting up CSP was interesting as it reveals just how many places even a site like this contacts. Most of the permissions in there are because of IntenseDebate which I still haven't removed. It was also the final thing I was waiting for before I could be 100% https. I know the rewrite of site isn't going to have comments so it will definitely be gone then.

As you may or may not know I maintain corralize.net which helped generate urls to cached content. Well that server has been off and on for years so I'm working on deprecating it. Right now if you use it you're just redirected to the original site. Eventually I'm going to have it return the "410 Gone" response which tells web browsers and search engines that the site is no longer here and there's no where to go and so it will get removed from search engines. I know once I drop the registration it's going to get snatched up by a domain squater but hopefully by the time I'm done no one is actually using it.

I'm still trying to get an html only archive of rexforum.com. I'm sure if it wasn't for me basically removing any non essential php scripts it would have probably been hacked by now so I just want it to be HTML.

Work has been going OK. The acquisition I think isn't going off as people hoped from a company culture side and the sysops team I'm in has been rearranged several times. We've lost a lot of people and so far no one has been hired to replace them. Perhaps Linux Sysadmins are just that hard to find in Cleveland. I have no plans on leaving. If you take a step back from the daily drama that comes up we're generally going in a positive direction. Hopefully it will continue that way.

When not working I've now started shooting at USPSA competitions. It's a lot more fun than I originally expected. Not particularly that good at it but I'm also shooting with people that have been doing this for 20-30 years. Also I got me a 3D printer for the heck of it. You can get them fairly inexpensive on eBay, mine is by Geeetech (that points to their eBay store) and bought the "Prusa I3 Pro B". Is it as good as the $3000 ones? I dunno but for $250 (as of publishing it's now $200) it's good enough.

I'm also still going to gym. I haven't lost as much weight as I was hoping for but I am losing it. Also my blood pressure that was always borderline high is now staying slightly below high. Still not full of energy after working out no matter what other people say. No real goals set for the coming year other than keep at it.

As usual you can find me on twitter and still doing stuff on GitHub

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