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June 28, 2011 at 4:37 am

After seeing this mentioned on this blog which got picked up everywhere I figure I'd give my list of services. I'm including both "freemium" (it's free and you can pay for extras) and premium sites. So in no particular order:

  • - one time price of $9.36 as of Jun 27, 2011 - replacement for delicious. Bought this when delicious' future was in jeopardy. I use the read later function a lot instead of leaving tabs open in the browser for weeks and months. Also an interesting price model. The price goes up as more people sign up. So it's in your best interest to sign up sooner rather than later
  • - free/$12 per year - This has made me a lot more secure online. I now can not tell you what any of my passwords are, I don't know them, lastpass does. All I need to know is a really secure master password. Premium adds support for yubikey two-factor authentication and mobile access. I'm confident in their security and they are too. They saw an "anomaly" in their logs and it was enough to put them in panic mode and have everyone change their passwords. That may sound bad but I want someone that's keeping a close eye on their traffic and tries to account for data usage. You can also access your passwords offline, which of course I do to back it up
  • SpiderOak - 3gb free (using referral link)/$100 per 100gb per year - I used to be a fan of jungledisk when it first came out. Software was one time price of $20 and then I paid per storage as needed. Well they've slowly put us power users to the side, even dropping command line support at one point until enough people complained about it. I went with spideroak because they take security very seriously and enforce a zero-knowledge system so they can't access your data. It supports advanced features like deduplication and compression to help save space and has pretty decent command-line support. Also an important feature is I pay once and that storage is shared across all my computers. All those unlimited storage sites are per computer and I have 3 or 4. Downside is the client is a little slow, but they have been working on that. NOTE: that link to their site is a referral link. Use that and we both get 1gb free so you'll have 3gb for free instead of 2gb.
  • Simplenote - free/$19.99 per year - I used to be a big fan of evernote. Thing is, it was kinda overkill for me. This is where simplenote comes in. It syncs an unlimited number of text notes to the cloud. I use it for everything. From storing command reference to packing lists to just random notes. Basically anything I used to use the notes app on my iphone, now goes to simplenote. Also most things I would have put in evernote now goes to simplenote. They don't mention it and I assume everything is stored plain text. So don't use it for anything sensitive. If I have a note I want to keep secure I use lastpass. Premium features I use are the dropbox sync, list view notes in iOS, and a little of the create notes by email. On windows I use ResophNotes and on mac I use Notational Velocity. I couldn't find an automated way to backup simplenote from the command line so I'm in the process of making my own. As of right now it will backup all your notes to a local file but it's still pretty alpha
  • - $119.40 per year - I've used them off and on for web hosting since march of 2002. It's pretty decent and just about everything is unlimited.
  • Netflix - 1 dvd at a time with blu-ray $11.99, other plans available - I don't have cable tv at home, but I do have a good internet connection. I watch a lot of stuff on netflix streaming using my PS3. For example I've almost finished the newer series of doctor who episodes. I'll go on marathons where I'll watch several episodes right after each other. Also use the dvds when I want higher quality or need subtitles. That's my main complaint is while they have a large anime selection it's all dubbed without the option for subtitles. Supposedly they're going to expand the amount of subtitled shows they have but I'm not holding my breath on getting anime subtitled.
  • newsguy - $59.95 per year - I still use usenet a lot. Roadrunner used to have an ok free one until they stopped it. I bought this and haven't looked back. They offer ridiculous backlogs of articles plus any unused space is carried forward. I'm looking at going down to the mini plan since I have so much space saved up. Usenet has become kinda niche nowadays but if you are looking for a good host I like them.

Only services I'm really considering buying is github. I use them for all my public projects and I'd like to use it for my private ones but $7 for 5 private projects just seems like a lot to me. Probably because I can host them easily enough on my server, but github has some nice issue tracking features.

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