Anime Punch 2011

April 30, 2011 at 7:54 am

Tales of the Abyss cosplay from Anime Punch 2011

Last weekend was Anime Punch, another anime convention in Columbus. One downside to a smaller convention is not as many photo ops. In previous years I'd use the cosplay competition to pad it out but this year I ended up missing it. Plus I don't know where everyone was hiding but I couldn't find anyone in the hallways to take pictures of or was during a busy time and I didn't want to disrupt the flow of traffic for a picture. Thus the only pictures I have are from a photo shoot.

As usual I scheduled a few photo shoots and unlike Ohayocon they didn't immediately delete the forum topic so I got responses. Also as usual not everyone showed up but, get this, the people that cancelled let me know they couldn't make it! Word of advice to anyone that reads this and is interested in getting a photo shoot from anyone, if you can't make it let the photographer know. Usually I'm sitting at the meeting spot for 20 minutes doing nothing but being bored. While of course I'd rather do the photo shoot being given notice that someone has to cancel is great as well.

The photo shoot itself was pretty standard, which is amusing itself that I'm considering a photo shoot was straight forward when I would have mild panic attacks on the first couple. I did try to get some more close up pictures but still have issues with that. I think the 17-55mm just doesn't cut it even though on my camera 55mm ends up being around 88mm. I always hear a lot of good things with the 85mm f/1.8 Lens and it's not extremely expensive. And it would be something until I can ever afford the 70-200mm.

Because the one person had white hair it made adjusting brightness fairly simple. I just increased the brightness until her hair started to overexpose and dropped it down a little. Problem came with pictures that weren't evenly lit. Still pretty happy with how they came out.

As for this image, I think it was more of an unposed one while I was replacing the batteries on the flash but still came out pretty good. So I guess I just need to still work on doing close ups. Always start to feel like I'm invading someone's personal space or something although I'm physically several feet away through the camera it looks like I'm 3 inches from them.

Although still not sure, I'll probably end up going to Colossalcon again this year. Need to see if I can find people to go with me or maybe I'll just shack up with random strangers again since that turned out surprisingly well last time

Rest of the pictures can be found here

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