Ohayocon 2011

February 15, 2011 at 4:47 am

Ohayocon 2011

Finally got around to going through pictures from Ohayocon. Unfortunately--I think due in part to their policy on not letting photographers offer photo shoots in forums--don't have any photo shoots.

My other goal was to do more close up pictures. Which I also wasn't too successful with. A couple of the pictures would have looked nice if I did a close up but for whatever reason I didn't.

The Columbus convention center is nice and all but it's such a pain to get white balance correct. You have some areas where it's daylight, other areas are florescent, and then others are incandescent. Also for whatever reason all the pictures came out dark, requiring an increase in exposure of around .8 stops, which isn't an issue since I take pictures in raw. The only one that didn't need any modifications was the one above. Yet it was still partially a mistake. I knew that where I'd be the shutter speed would be slow but this picture was taken at 1/4 second. I was using fill flash which is what froze the people I was taking a picture (plus they were standing still) and the people behind were blurry.

I still want to do more close ups. If I get into portraits I'll definitely get something to fill the current gap I have from 55mm to 100mm. Been looking at the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 although not sure if that still may be too close since I have a 1.6x crop sensor. Really want to get one of the 70-200mm models but they're still way out of my budget.

Not sure what the next place I'm going to take pictures is. Anime Punch is happening in April I'm thinking of going to. Maybe once it gets warm again I'll start looking for abandoned places to check out again.

Rest of the pictures can be found here

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