Will be at Ohayocon Next Week

January 20, 2011 at 3:35 am

Once again I'm going to be at Ohayocon next weekend and I'll be doing photo shoots. Interesting to think how much I've improved over a single year, got a lens I'm more happy with, and like to think I've improved in general.

Normally I would just post on their forums that I'm interested, maybe mention it on twitter or something and be done with it. Unfortunately it seems this year they're not letting people post on there. Their reasoning is they think of it as advertising for a service although I'm still doing this for free. But I could see it being an issue. Ohayocon is the largest anime convention in ohio and some people have posted on there offering "professional photography services" and then become vague when it comes to prices and other shady type things. Probably a few of those ruined it for everyone.

Well I posted on the forums and noticed the next day it was locked. Asked why and not only did I find out why (see above) but then they deleted the post completely. Did get a couple messages before it was removed but I can still do a couple more. I know I have a few people on twitter and the like that follow me and go to conventions--think mainly people I already did a photo shoot--so I'm posting on here. if you're looking for another photo shoot or know anyone else I still have a couple spots open. Can contact me however you saw this post (twitter, facebook, etc) or use the contact form here.

I'll update here if I'm not taking any more requests.

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