POTW: Granby Phonograph Player

December 12, 2010 at 11:35 pm

POTW: Granby Phonograph Player

Another break from macro photography but not from finding stuff around the house to take pictures of. This is a phonograph player. From around the 1920's I believe. Was found in someone's basement who passed away. Had a ton of dust caked on to it. Cleaned that up but have yet to refurbish the actual player. The diaphragm that vibrates to create the sound should be replaced. Also the lubrication for the spring consisted of petroleum jelly and graphite. Needless to say that should be cleaned up and replaced as well. Don't plan on restoring it completely, just maintenance. For example I'm not going to refinish the top or re-paint the tonearm since I think it adds character to it. Just want to get it into top working condition.

This is using a couple flashes. All light is coming from the flashes, no ambient light. Key light is in a shoot through above the camera. Wanted to make it off axis but was getting shadows on the wall. Other flash is inside the horn in the middle of cabinet. One thing I wish I could have done was a third flash through a gridspot to light up the granby logo that's on the underside of the lid. But I still don't have a gridspot.

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