POTW: Christmas Tree Lights

December 19, 2010 at 10:33 pm

POTW: Christmas Tree Lights

Time for my take on christmas tree lights. Of course this means using a macro lens to make some more abstract looking pictures. This is of a plastic star that you put a standard christmas light inside so it glows. I like this one because of the "sun" in the background. In reality it's just another christmas light but because of the shallow depth of field made it appear like a large dot.

Next week I planned on taking pictures of christmas lights but weather wasn't being very permitting, but in the wrong way. While we have some snow on the ground I wanted more and also have to try and get the picture during the "blue hour" which happens while I'm still at work. So next week and possibly the week after of that are going to be special "best of the year" photos where I look through all the photos I took this year, find one that wasn't posted before and use that. May supersede if I find something, but that's the plan I'm seeing at the moment.

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