May Skip a Photo Challenge for Next Year

December 31, 2010 at 12:49 pm

I am looking for some feedback on this blog. As obvious by the last several pictures I've gone into a rut of sorts. But for the most part I've held to my goal of posting a picture a week. These last few weeks have felt more like work than something I enjoy doing. Frantically looking around the last day of the week to find something, anything to take a picture of.

So I'm thinking of skipping a photo a week thing for next year. The biggest downside to this will be no longer having a consistent photo a week. Somehow I had this plan of "if I post they will come" mentality. From what I can tell there's only an average of 5 subscribers. I can't tell who they are or how many are just friends and family or my own services that check and autopost to twitter and such.

This doesn't mean I'm dumping photography. I still enjoy it but this deadline of posting something a week felt too much like having a deadline to get ANYTHING out the door even if I'm not too thrilled about it. What I really want to do is more modelling photos. This area of photography is the most unexperienced to me and probably the most nerve racking--I'm not that much of a social person. The few times I did do photo shoots at anime conventions I was so nervous. Until the photo shoot started and I just kinda clicked with the model(s) and was able to provide a few good pictures even though I'd only be doing these photo shoots for maybe 15-20 minutes (for a lot of photographers they're just getting warmed up in that time). So that is something I want to get better at. Now if I was actually outgoing I could just go to cleveland and ask random people on the street for a quick 5 minute photo session, or even just take a single picture and pick one. But I'm not that outgoing. Not even close.

Another more technical issue with doing these photos of the week is I'm hitting my 200 photo limit at flickr (after which older photos are hidden unless I go pro). Granted I could solve that by hosting them on the server, would also help in making this website fully ssl encrypted.

So my question to you, the readers, what would you like to see here? If you want to see more people photos I'm open to suggestions and I'll give it some thought. Do you enjoy the photo a week format, even the weeks I just pick something? If I lift the weight of needing to make it something important I'll just walk around, look for something interesting anywhere during the day, taking the picture with my iphone if necessary. I still don't want to do a photo a day since that creates too much noise. One of the things I learned from this photo a week is how to eliminate a lot of the fluff so instead of keeping 100 photos I only find that 15-30 are worth posting online.

Looking forward to responses and wishing you all a happy new year.

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