POTW: Turntable Cartridge Macro

November 14, 2010 at 11:32 pm

POTW: Turntable Cartridge Macro

Another macro shot. This time of the cartridge used for a turntable. Tried to get a closeup of just the needle but I don't have a good enough magnification with the lens I have. Also getting close to the limit of my tripod/head combo. When I aim for most of these I have to aim a little high since when I lock it the camera tilts down slightly. Stuff like that is why you can spend $400 on just the head (what mounts the camera to the tripod legs). But I won't be able to afford that anytime soon. May resort to using a bean bag which would probably be more stable than a tripod if I can use it. Been meaning to grab one anyway since when I'm outdoors and want to set the camera on a rock or something.

As evident by all these macro pictures I've kinda lost steam on the abandoned building front. Haven't heard of anything worthwhile as of late and want to explore new locations instead of just revisiting old ones.

Also I'm moving to a new server so things may temporarily stop working within the next week or two. This also includes the image galleries and email. Email should still be forwarded to a temporary location until I get things setup again.

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