POTW: Lasers in Opposite Direction

October 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm

POTW: Lasers in Opposite Direction

Went to a party in Pittsburgh last week. Unfortunately it was really crowded and stuffy and was hard to get any good pictures. I use a 50mm prime lens which on my camera becomes slightly telephoto, meaning I need a lot of space between me and the subject. But it's only a $90 lens if someone bumps into it I wouldn't be too angry.

This is one of those pictures that most people will just look at and think it's nothing special. To me it shows several interesting things. First off, I think I may really need a UV filter at blacklight parties. That light above the door is a black light and it's really bright like the camera is picking up UV light. Have to experiment. Also all those dots you see against the wall are from the laser that's on the stage. First off, to the eye the laser appeared to be a single circle that was getting larger. Also if you connect the dots it doesn't make a smooth curve. That's because it's on a stage with loud speakers on it bumping the laser.

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