POTW: St. Joseph Catholic Church

September 6, 2010 at 12:55 am

POTW: St. Joseph Catholic Church

First time I'm technically posting late but if you consider this a long weekend then it's still on time. This week I finally got back into exploring and checked out this abandoned church.

Right in the middle of a sketchy part of Cleveland sits this church. I guess it was bought by someone that was going to renovate it. They ripped up the floor and then I guess decided not to bother with it. Surprised there wasn't more graffiti. The artwork has faded away a lot, though.

Haven't done many pictures where I just focus on a certain object like this. I'll take them and they'll be in the gallery but I won't make it the picture I post on here. I like how this conveys a story, it can spark curiosity on what was said over the speakers back when this was in use (this looks like a PA speaker, not one that would have been used for sermons).

Rest of the pictures can be found here.

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