POTW: Solar (Lens) Flare

August 7, 2010 at 8:32 pm

POTW: Solar (Lens) Flare

This is going to be short for a few reasons. First the windows Evernote app is still not working right (I'm typing this in notepad++ sans a spell checker so pardon any you see). Second, this week has been fairly busy. Third, I just got a new car that I'm really enjoying (I'm sure you can guess what next week's picture is going to be).

This was actually taken during our family reunion. There was a nearby geocache that the kids went looking for. While they were going through the stuff in the geocache I snapped some random pictures, including these with high noon sun to get a lens flare. It's not a particularly good idea to be staring straight at the sun, even though I did have sunglasses on. Took a few and like the effect on this one the most.

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