POTW: Colossalcon 9

June 10, 2010 at 12:01 am

POTW: Colossalcon 9

Not sure where to begin for this con. Actually for the most part things were all right, probably one of the better cons I've been to aside from Saturday night which I'll get to in a moment. It's smaller than Ohayocon but a little larger than Anime Punch and felt like there's a lot less drama happening around. As for Saturday night, it started out around 3:00 AM when the fire alarm went off. Everyone started to go outside when then other con-attendees (not staff) were like "There's a tornado warning, we should go back inside" which we did and then just went back outside. Was all rather confusing. After that we were told everything was closed till 7:00 AM while they look into the alarm issue (FWIW it was a fluke related to the fluctuations of the weather outside). So everyone goes back to their room. I'm on the patio and I start to hear tornado sirens. Long story short we were evacuated to the basement with the rest of the hotel to wait out a Tornado that possibly touched down in the area. There was an earlier one at around 11:00 PM about 50 miles away. Never found out if one touched down at 4:00 or if it just looked like a tornado was about to form. The whole ordeal was quite... memorable to say the least. But nothing happened and aside from working on a few hours sleep on Sunday everything was fine.

Only had one photo shoot this time of... two characters from Twilight (not the two main characters). I don't know anything about the series but I guess these were the evil ones, or something. I kept getting thrown off by the one person's red contacts. I'll look at the screen and know the flash shouldn't have created red eye and yet I see it. Also not to happy with the flash. Not sure what caused it to not do what I wanted and didn't really notice till I saw them on the computer. Main thing I regret/learned from this is to use the WhiBal white balance card I have. I had it on me but just didn't think to use it. Made color correcting the last couple shots kinda hard. Unfortunately the one I was looking forward was one at night. Brought my light stand and outside wasn't windy which is good for my umbrella but no one showed up. I almost think there was confusion between "registrations" since I just said I'd meet them at registration and there's one to get your pass, another for cosplay, another for games, etc. Now that I've been there I'm more familiar with the layout to give better instructions for a meet spot.

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