POTW: Panning

May 6, 2010 at 10:01 pm

POTW: Panning

I knew I was going to have a busy weekend so Friday night I walked to the park nearby to take a picture of something. Decided to try out a panning shot. This is the best one of the group. Not happy with moving around but I was hand-holding this. A tripod would have helped eliminate the shakiness of it but I guess it isn't bad for my first attempt at it.

Making this brief because I'm busy redoing my off-site storage drive. I use JungleDisk and I encrypt the drive with a password, which is just a random string I store in KeePass. Well I noticed the password for one of them wasn't updated. The password is also encrypted in the config file on my computer. Essentially I had no way to access the drive if something happened to my computer, which is the whole point of off-site backups. Opened a support ticket hoping they would tell me how it's encrypted. Don't see the security risk in it as it's a config file on my computer. Also I know they can decrypt it because JungleDisk has to in order to access the drive. They wouldn't tell me though. In their defense I am warned to backup the password. Still annoyed they wouldn't tell me when they have the code to access the files freely available. I checked it and didn't see any mention of the config file encryption though. My only options were to send the file to them which would then breach the 100% security I have now, or delete it and re-upload everything. Again, this tells me that they indeed know how to decrypt it but just isn't telling me. When JungleDisk was first around they were far more open about things. Since they got bought by RackSpace it just seems to be going downhill as far as openess goes. I'm sure if they didn't have the source code available at launch they wouldn't have still kept it available. I'm just annoyed because they're security now is basically security by obscurity. Could I have reversed the password? probably. Not only would it took me a while, it would have probably violated the EULA (most say you can't reverse engineer the software) and the DMCA since I'm dealing with encryption. So I guess lesson learned and I'm starting the backup process of uploading 26gb of pictures which is going to take a few days (that's what happens when you take pictures in raw). Fortunately this was a RackSpace disk, and the one positive thing since they bought JungleDisk is I don't get charged bandwidth to upload and download to RackSpace like I am with Amazon S3. I still have it though and actually backup my pictures to both since it's not expensive. I just upload to Amazon once a month or so to save on bandwidth.

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