POTW: Lakeview Cemetery

April 23, 2010 at 2:39 am

POTW: Lakeview Cemetery

While running around doing some errands on Sunday I decided to check out Lakeview Cemetery. It was an overcast sky and has been raining off and on so I figured it would create a good backdrop for a cemetery. For those not from around the area, Lakeview Cemetery is a really big cemetery near Cleveland that is the final resting place for several famous people from around Cleveland. One of whom is former president James A Garfield, which is what this picture is from.

Ironically there is a picture of the monument on that wikipedia page that looks pretty much exactly like this one. To the point I was going to do some different post processing to it but I decided against it. Current trends with pictures in cemeteries is making it black and white or sepia and perhaps do a slight blurring to give it an antique feel to it. I completely went against that in this picture. I turned up the sharpness as much as I could before it started to look bad and did the same for saturation. Again I debated making it over saturated but decided against that. Looking at the final image and I realized both the sharpening and saturation which I thought were extreme at the time doesn't look that bad now. The original image was quite dull looking because of the overcast sky. So I essentially took what would have been an already dull looking image and brought it back to what it probably looks like on a sunny day.

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