POTW: Sand Run Metropark

March 10, 2010 at 9:40 pm
POTW: Sand Run Metropark

I was down in Fairlawn for a doctor appointment. Pretty much every time I'm down here I go to through the fjord (is it called something different?) that crosses the road in the middle of the park. This time I remembered to bring my camera and tripod. So I trekked through snow towards a small hill to setup. Had a couple ideas I wanted to do and this was one of them. It's two cars going through right after the other. If you look you can see the splash from the first car is illuminated by the headlights of the second car.

I need to invest in some insulated boots or something. I stood for close to an hour in the snow waiting for it to get dark but not too dark. Also I'll have to buy some waders at some point as I wanted to take a pictures of the small waterfall coming off the ledge opposite of the camera. Also while I like the ball head on my Dolica Tripod, I was using a cheaper tripod I got at best buy that has the standard head that lets you pan. I had to change positions between getting cars going each direction. Once I get a higher end tripod I'll need to get both a ball head and a regular one as they both server their own purpose.

For those wondering what type a camera lens could take such sharp pictures, most were taken with my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens (aka the thrifty fifty). Highly recommended lens. There is a better quality 50mm lens but it's also a lot more expensive

Rest of the pictures I took can be found in the photo gallery.

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