My Photography Project for the Year

January 4, 2010 at 11:44 pm

I decided in early December I wanted to do some kind of photography project. There's several different types. For example a picture a day (called 365 projects), 50 pictures using a 50mm lens), 1 picture a week (called 52 weeks)projects), etc. Subject matter can be set as well. There are 365 projects where it's specifically a self portrait. Some where you take some little charm and take a picture that includes it. The possibilities are pretty much up to the photographer to set.

I went with a fairly open project. At least one picture a week (could be up to 3 if I did a lot of things). The weeks are from Monday to Sunday. The picture taken the previous week will be posted sometime in the following week. For example since the new year started on Friday I have a picture from this weekend ready. There's no other restrictions as far as subject matter. Reason I chose this over a picture a day is because I know if I took a picture a day it would be really uninteresting for people. 50% would be of my cat, 25% would be of some random place in my house, 20% would be of some random place at work, and 5% would actually be worthwhile. With a picture a week I hope to just focus on the good 5%. I need to figure out where I'm going to post it. I'm currently thinking of posting it on flickr although I'm not a big fan of them. A lot of people will just assume it's free for them to use even if the picture is "© all rights reserved". The advantage to flickr is the community and possibility of getting feedback. Heck, all the links above point to flickr groups. I'll definitely host it in my photo gallery as well. Also with only a picture a week I may post it to this blog as well. I'll work on getting a photography only feed going so if you just want to follow my photography stuff you can.

Check back soon for more information and the first picture. Even better just subscribe to the feed using your favorite rss reader (I use google reader) and then it will check for you.

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