Ohayocon 2009

February 21, 2009 at 11:54 pm

Went to ohayocon over the weekend from January 30th to February 1st.  This is probably the third or fourth of these anime conventions I've gone too.  It's fun people watching since everyone dresses up as either their favorite anime character or just some random anime-looking person.

It wasn't that bad.  Wouldn't say it's the best one I've been too, but hasn't been the worst either.  One thing that I didn't like was that some of the rooms were literally 1/4 mile away if not further.  So you end up just staying in one area.  The biggest annoyance to me was the video rooms.  Typically there are 3-5 video rooms that show nothing but anime 24/7 during the convention.  At any point you don't feel like going to any panels you can go to a panel and possibly run into an anime you never heard of.  Well these didn't run 24/7.  In fact they ended really early to me, I think around 3:00 AM.  That may not seem too bad but I've done several marathons where I watch an entire tv series of 26 episodes over one night and end up not going to bed till 8:00 AM.  Usually conventions slow down in the mornings so I can grab a few hours of sleep.  I guess the positive side was I had plenty of time to sleep this time around and some pricey hotel rooms as well.  Perhaps that's why I like anime punch so much.  They have 5 video rooms and they make it a point to play things you haven't heard of.  Anime punch is April 10 - 12 in Columbus.  I'm still deciding about it but probably will.

I didn't bother even bringing a camera with me to this one.  Typically I take four pictures, and they all aren't that good.  So instead I'll just link to other people that have:

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