Moving to Kohana?

February 4, 2009 at 12:04 am

Now that I got the hang of CodeIgniter I just found out about Kohana, which is based off of CodeIgniter. I guess kohana started out as a port of CodeIgniter because ElisLab's developers were focused on their paid product, ExpressionEngine. The community at CodeIgniter got tired of waiting so they forked it into what has become Kohana.

Kohana has a lot of key features, including full php 5 support. CodeIgniter would work with php 4 and so some things that php 5 offered couldn't be used. What really got me interested is their views. The nesting of data is really useful instead of the way I have to do it in CodeIgniter.

So will I move to it? probably. I like that it's pure php 5 and is building a nice little community of ex-codeigniter users. My biggest gripe with CodeIgniter was when ElisLab showed off ExpressionEngine 2.0 and talk about how both ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter would merge code bases... like a year ago. It was the reason I put off on making my own blog section but as evident here I got tired of waiting. I'll add functionality as I need it and who knows, maybe Kohana will have a blog module sometime soon if not already.

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