Old Links

September 30, 2007 at 4:10 am

You may notice that a lot of links are no longer functional. As mentioned above, I just built the initial site ensuring the highest traffic areas were still accessible. I've setup several redirects so if the old address gave you a 404 "File not found" message, try back later.

When I moved to the new server, I realized several areas of the site were never utilized or just very outdated. I've made my best effort to actually have it redirect somewhere, but some pages simply no longer served any meaningful purpose. These pages will return the status code 410 "Gone" which tells browsers and search engines that the request page has been completely and permanently removed. How your browser will interpret this will vary but should still mention it is permanently removed. If it was a link from another site, you should inform them that the link has been removed. If you really wish to access the page, you may contact me.

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