2014 Year in Review

January 10, 2015 at 7:06 am

As usual most of what I mentioned in 2013 recap I didn't actually do. While I have been working on moving site over to django it's been slow going. Work has been keeping me busy. I do still plan on hosting images locally and moving the site to https everywhere. Especially since the EFF and several others are working on making basic ssl certificates available for free. I'm fully verified at CACert but I still don't think any browsers actually have their certificate installed by default.

Some things I did actually do though, I moved my home servers to a single HP Microserver N54L running VMWare ESXi. Been working nicely and like that now I just have this single small server instead of just using my old desktops computers. Also I did create a new PGP key, you can get the new one on my contact page.

In 2013 a new TLD, ".email", was available and I thought maybe if I got a lastname.email domain I could setup email on that since I always end up having to spell out "vrillusions" when I give my email anywhere. Now the problem is a lot of websites don't think "user@example.email" is a valid email address. So for the time being I'm using both addresses. I'll never get rid of "vrillusions.com", but was hoping to phase out using it for email though.

Most of my spare time has been spent doing stuff for work. One notable thing is I got very familiar with how Amazon's AWS services work. We deployed a new environment that's entirely hosted in aws and has high availability and auto scalers and all that fun stuff. To say it's been a lot of work is an understatement but it has turned out pretty well.

Haven't really been doing much in the way of photography as of late. For whatever reason I haven't really been too motivated to go out and take pictures. Pretty much only time I took out my camera was for Ohayocon last year.

This year I'm not really planning anything too big. Maybe this year I'll do the website stuff. Also I need to get around to updating the version of Ubuntu the server is running (it's still getting security updates but some of the new fancy stuff for SSL isn't available in it). I'm also debating dropping my dreamhost account. Have a couple sites on it but none of them are high traffic or anything. Also this may be the year I drop my usenet account. Another one of those things I haven't used in years.

As usual I can be found complaining about stuff on twitter and my github account is usually somewhat active. Notably I plan on doing some updates to permit cookies extension that are a little overdue, at some point.

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